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Indianapolis Event Combines Art and Activism

      This August at the Madame Walker Theater, artists, actors, dancers, musicians, and activists alike will take the stage to discuss a system that has been built on a foundation of anti-blackness. While this event will include the deconstruction of this system, all of the proceeds from ticket sales are going straight back into communities that need reconstruction. 

      Premium Blend's own Jared Thompson, alongside his brother Joshua, will be taking the stage, joining a long list of talented performers. With speakers, artists, and musicians from every walk of life, The Wake sets out to bring the community together and raise awareness on topics like education inequity, food insecurity, and police brutality. A part of the program will be dedicated to eulogies for those who have been lost, and to loosely quote the description written on eventbrite, the focus will be to talk about their life and light, humanizing these people once again. 

To learn more about The Wake, you can follow DONT SLEEP on facebook and purchase tickets through eventbrite below. Proceeds will benefit Green For All, GRoE, Inc., Bloom Project, Inc., and Sisters United.

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Christina Sharpe

NUVO's Kyle Long on "The Road",

Take a sneak peek at Kyle Long and Jared Thompson sitting down to discuss "The Road".

Kyle: Since we're talking about great poets I want to ask about the closing track from your new album  The Road, “Conveyor Belt Dreams" which features the voice of a brilliant multi-talented artist, poet and rapper Theon Lee.

Conveyor Belt Dreams” hits on everything from the struggles of women, and Black women, of Black men, of gay men both black and white. It touches on a very culturally sensitive topic that unfortunately does not go out of style. This piece could’ve worked 60 years ago, and here’s hoping that this piece will not be as relevant 50 years from now. That’s always the dream, and that’s the conveyor belt that we’re on.
— Jared Thompson